The world of Silversea Cruises keeps getting better each day as they add new ships and new destinations to their voyage roster.  We would like to mention that we are not Silversea Cruise lines.  We are a luxury cruise agency, that has been providing first class luxury service to our clients for over 22 years.  Silversea's main website can be found at Silversea dot com if needed.  Silversea continues to find ways to simulate your thoughts and senses while allowing your emotions to awaken while at sea.

Silversea operates the Silver Explorer expedition ship that caters to the Antarctica and Arctic travelers and has now added the Silver Discoverer and their Galapagos ship. The Silver Spirit is now sailing and ready for you to join them on your next Silversea cruise adventure. Call us today as we are one of the leading, luxury cruise agencies online and we can find you those little Silversea discounts, specials and other booking incentives that may be hard to find on your own. We are ready and enthusiastic to help your magnificence travel dreams come true, call us today!

With each morning comes the calm and when you are in your private veranda, it then becomes a place of true inspiration. Encircled by the brilliance of the dawning day, at one with the panorama of sea and sky, in awe of nature and the vast beauty of this world. When the shoreline of the next port slides closer and closer into view, and with it an undeniable anticipation of things to come and the promise of limitless possibilities.

Silversea Cruises creates extraordinary ocean travels with unique opportunities to explore remote ports-of-call from an intimate haven of incomparable luxury, each voyage a unique masterpiece. Discover genuine European expertise reflected in every detail, from their tranquil all-suite accommodation and uncompromising service to distinctive fine dining and a carefree all-inclusive philosophy.

Silversea Cruises and their guests hail from across the globe, yet share an appreciation for the spectrum of choice offered in Silver Seas array of exotic destinations and exclusive explorations ashore. By joining together these elements with additional enrichment experiences, each new port becomes more than a destination, it becomes a state of mind, transcending the traditional concepts of cruising. It is this distinction that has earned Silversea the reputation of World„st, year after year.